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Item Form: Cream
Skin Type: All
Product Benefits: Brightening
Material Feature: Natural

【Principle】Due to the tight adsorption and ultra-fine properties of nano activated carbon, it effectively penetrates the pores and absorbs annoying fats and dirt. It works together with nano soft light to generate sufficient light rays, effectively destroys deep dirt and keratin, and generates high thermal energy, fully stimulates cell viability. Cooperate with skin care laser machine and make your skin softer.
【Effectively Improve Skin Problems】Clogged pores create blackheads on nose, cheeks, chin and T Zone, but don't worry, you can get rid of them easily! The Carbon Gel removes all your blackheads with one simple movement. This innovative facial gel is the secret to a clearer face.
【For a more beautiful skin】The carbon gel can beautify and brighten the skin, reduce melanin, replenish moisture, and make the skin white, tender and elastic. Good at minimizing large pores and improving your skin, making your skin smoother.
【How to use】Apply it on your face after washing and drying well. For best results, steam your face to open your pores. Apply the charcoal mask to the problem areas and let it dry. Then peel it off and see the beautiful results!
【Suitable for All Skin Types】This facial cleansing mask is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It dries and tightens quickly and rinses off effortlessly. Transform your skin for more purified radiance.

80ml Carbon Creme Gel, Peeling Facial Face Cream for Removing Blackheads and Re

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